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Asphalt That’s as tough as the pacific northwest

We’re experts in all types of asphalt work, from driveways to parking lots to roads.

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Residential & Commercial Asphalt Specialists

We don’t just pave ways; we pave memories. Your next asphalt project deserves the best: it deserves us.

  • Budget-Conscious
  • Local Expertise
  • Custom Solutions
Why choose us?

We’ll Get The Job Done Right, On Time, and Within Budget

We offer competitive prices and use only the highest quality materials to withstand rainy Seattle weather.

  • We Only Use High-Quality Materials
  • Over 20+ years of experience & Reliability
  • Committed To Customer Service
  • We’re Competitively Priced
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Commercial Projects
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Your Needs Met

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and create a custom solution that meets your requirements.

Unbeatable Support

We are only a call or email away when you need us or have questions during and after your project.

Well Experienced

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have a proven track record of success. 

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Meet The Pioneers of Asphalt Artistry in Seattle

Big City Paving and Seal Coating LLC isn’t just an asphalt company; we’re your asphalt partner, interlacing our years of expertise, dedication, and state-of-the-art solutions to the tapestry of Seattle’s vibrant roads. Like the city’s signature coffee, we’re rich and robust, and keep you moving smoothly, but our beans are our trusted professionals with over a decade of experience and passion for their craft.

We’ve been walking Seattle’s pathways and rolling along its roads for years, and like an old friend, we know its story, rhythm, climate, and trends. We’re the asphalt artisans who fashion roads not only for travel but as sturdy threads woven into the fabric of this big, beautiful city.

Our Services

Explore Our Comprehensive Asphalt Solutions

Step into the world of our wide-ranging asphalt services, where superior craftsmanship meets unmatched quality, delivering solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our professional, sustainable residential asphalt services. Your driveway or walkway is just a call away from becoming the talk of the town!

Residential Driveway


Partner with our seasoned driveway contractors. Let’s sculpt a pathway that combines durability with flair, adding value to your home one layer of asphalt at a time!

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Collaborate with our commercial asphalt experts. Let’s construct the roads that lead to your business’s success because a well-paved path reflects a well-run enterprise!

Seattle’s Premier Choice For Residential & Commercial Asphalt Projects

You must look no further than Big City Paving and Seal Coating LLC for a blend of expertise, creativity, and resilience in asphalt solutions. As seasoned navigators of Seattle’s unique asphalt landscape, we turn ordinary into extraordinary, ensuring each project becomes a durable artwork that enhances the city’s vibrancy. With us, you’re not just constructing a path; you’re scripting an asphalt story.

Years in the business

With decades of experience, our team possesses an unmatched understanding of Seattle’s unique climate and trend dynamics, ensuring your project stands the test of time and elements.

Projects Completed

We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’. Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial lot, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs and aspirations, making every project a bespoke masterpiece.

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Preserving Your Asphalt’s Aesthetics,

Ensuring Longevity For A Lifetime.


Hear It Straight From Our Happy Road Travellers

Dive into our reservoir of accolades from satisfied clients who’ve embarked on their asphalt journey with us. These testimonials mirror our dedication and commitment, painting a real picture of the enduring, high-quality results we deliver.

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Tom S.

We had the guys come out today to pave our driveway that has been stone since we built our house in 2005. WOW they did an awesome job. We are completely happy and definitely recommend them!

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Amanda W.

“Jose and his team helped our HOA community rebuild our community road, and they did a great job while staying on budget and completing the project 2 days earlier than what they told us which was a big plus”

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Kevin D.

Big City Paving turned my business lot into a grand asphalt entrance for my customers. Top-tier service, unmatched quality. They truly drive success!”

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Edwina C.

“Thanks to Big City Paving, my driveway is now the talk of the neighborhood. Their professionalism and attention to detail are astounding. A home run indeed!”